Tease the palate, poke the appetite! 

The Locatellis and the Ramsays and the Rhodes and the Santamarias… they are like the Tom Cruises and the Brad Pitts and the AlPacinos and the Johnny Depps of my world… the ones who put together the grass and the game and satisfy the senses. When they hold the knife and slice through the layers of onions… and when they dash the flour over the pasta they are going to roll, they bring a tear to my eye… when the men in white magically heat a mess of things into a massive treat.

The salty caviar and the creamy bisque and the nutty bread and the spicy spread and the flavored cheese and the juicy fruit and the crunchy nut, the tangy vinegar and the sweet wine… wow… for the girl who finds food therapeutic… today was like a trip the Himalayas. NO, I am not exaggerating…

While my sisters found food to be “eh, it tastes good and it fills the stomach”… I found the whole experience exciting and crazy and just incredibly perfect. With the blues and later house tunes drifting in the air and the sweet smelling smoke of the shisha lounge, the fire and the water blending in the woks… the sound of metal whisks hitting a mixing bowl, or the butter changing state as it hit the pan… everything, everything, everything was perfect…

This is my dream… People swaying to the music, unhurried, smiling, laughing, holding hands, or sitting with loved ones, bending over to listen to each other, catching up without looking at the time… eating slowly, fresh and healthy, and incredibly satisfying platters from a kitchen that prepares what it does with love.. the grass and the mood and the people and the food and the drink… That is my dream… the place that will someday be my own… The place where every morsel will be enjoyed like nature meant for it to be.

This is who I am, this is where I am meant to be, in the white… This is when I feel most alive. In my kitchen… 🙂
Someday, I shall be the Angelina Jolie for somebody… Someday, this Sumar will have her dream in the stars of the Michelin…


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