5 Things we Love About Dining in Dubai

Dubai is a haven for foodies, with so much to offer and an ever changing dining scene it’s not wonder people come here just to eat. So here are five things we love about dining out in this metropolitan city.



You can get from London to Bangkok in a matter of minutes

With choices from all over the world there is never a time where you cannot satisfy your craving – be it burgers, pizza, curry or biryani. Dubai’s restaurant scene is second to none with chains and chefs from every corner of the world opening their doors in this fair city.


Designer handbags get designer treatment

Enter: The Bag Chair. Because your designer handbag should never have to touch the floor.



Our five favourite words: Buy One, Get One Free

We have no shame. Vouchers, coupons, friends in PR, we will do anything for a free meal and with so many ways to get it why would we ever say no?!


Eating out, any time

24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is always somewhere open and ready to serve, be it 3am or 10pm you’ll get a table, a menu and a meal.


You can anything delivered

We mean anything. From pizza to a five star, four course meal, there isn’t a single type of food you can’t have brought straight to your door – or to your office, the beach or even the park.

With KEZA you can find the perfect restaurant near you, browse the menu, order from your phone and pay the bill, so forget waiting for waiters, stressing over what to order or fussing around with credit cards, just KEZA it. Simple.

Visit KEZA and sign up today to be one of the first to download the app in September.


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